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Granite Countertops Cost

May 4, 2015 pGallagher 0 Comments

The Cost of Granite Counter tops varies base on a couple factors:

You may use our instant countertop estimator to build a ballpark quote for your countertop project.

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Granite Origin:
Some stone come from place far away and the cost to harvest the material and transport it around the world will affect the cost.

Granite Demand:
Some colors are more popular than others and have desire-able colors and patterns.

Granite Supply:
If a color is in short supply but the demand is high this can also affect the price for the slab.

Granite Strength:
Some materials are stronger than others. Certain material that requires support and more handling may cost more due to these factors.

Granite Thickness:
Slab granite countertops typically com in 3cm( 1 1/3 uinch) and 2cm (3/4 inch) thickness. 2CM is typically less expensive material but may end up costing more depending on the application. For instance 2 cm on countertops may require additional edge detail this will add labor costs. 2CM also may require a plywood backing material. This can add material and labor Costs. 3cm Granite Material does not require these added materials and labor.


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